Feathered Nest at Windy Corner

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Happy Midsommar to all!

As we celebrate Midsommar and the summer solstice this year in Bishop Hill, we reflect on what a fickle pickle our social interactions have become!
Unlike past seasons, there was no lineup of bands in the park today, no maypole, no revelers dancing like little frogs around it! Instead, most folks marked the day quietly, in the company of family and friends.
From the time they could walk, my little granddaughters have made this date special for me and today was no exception. We held a private party, punctuated with Midsommar flower crowns. This year’s headdresses were created spontaneously. The were made from what was on hand: white Dutch clover from the lawn, pretty purple clover plucked from the roadside, Annabelle hydrangeas and a few gold sedum blossoms from the garden.
However you marked this occasion, may it become a happy memory of a special day, the longest, brightest one of the year.