Feathered Nest at Windy Corner

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beautiful Balloon In My Bishop Hill Backyard

I was out weeding one Sunday evening; it was the tail end of a busy weekend here in Bishop Hill, IL. The Fiber Fest had attracted record crowds and the members of the Illinois Association of Wheat Weavers were packing up and heading home. I heard an odd noise above my head: “phissh, phissh, phissh” a pause and “phissh, phissh, phissh” again. I looked up to see the flame of this marvelous aerial conveyance cycling on and off as it clipped the tree tops and settled softly in the hayfield across the lane. I often refer to Bishop Hill as “enchanted” (especially for those who have never visited) and nothing illustrates that description more than this vision of a hot air balloon bobbing up and down around the village giving residents and their guests rides – and a unique perspective on this quaint utopian village.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's Time To Make Some Everlasting Wreaths!

Most of this year's flower drying and dyeing is done, yet the harvest rolls on. The garden will continue to produce armloads of strawflowers and gomphrena until a killing frost calls a halt to the growing season. 

Now it's time for some real fun! I've already started to make beautiful wreaths from the abundance of blooms gathered from my 2016 garden. These will add a warm glow to any room - even as the cold winds of winter blow.

Like what you see? I'll be listing these one-of-a-kind treasures in my etsy shop. They'll be available to purchase so that you, too, can add a little bit of summer color to your walls.