Feathered Nest at Windy Corner


In the tradition of the great profile paper artists of the nineteenth century, I employ a simple box camera, a camera obscura, to record perfect likenesses of my clients. This device allows me to faithfully draw a true and accurate profile of any subject. I cut this profile sketch from the finest imported French silhouette paper and mount it on card stock. An “instant heirloom” can be created as my subject watches and waits! For folks unable to visit Bishop Hill, I design and cut silhouettes from photographs provided by my clients. I have created hundreds of paper profile portraits from digital images. From life or from photos; have one cut for you today!

Contact me to schedule a sitting or review these simple suggestions before taking or sending photographs to me:

For good contrast, seat or stand the subject against a plain light background.
Have your subject turn to face full right or left, revealing nothing of the far side of the face. No smiling; a relaxed face produces the most accurate, correct profile.
Stand about four feet from your subject and position the camera at eye level. Include the whole head and shoulders. Make sure all hair (or hat) details are included the frame.
I can change hairstyles and clothing and even add or subtract hats, but I can’t produce an accurate profile without the proper image! Take and send a few photos to ensure the best results.

The traditional size of a silhouette bust portrait is between three and four inches in height. This size fits a standard 5 x 7 inch frame. If you would prefer a larger cutting, please request that specific size. If you are interested in a full-body portrait, please provide two photos: one profile of the head and shoulders and a full-body pose as you would like the subject to appear in the finished portrait. All silhouettes are one-of-a-kind special orders and require direct CONTACT with me (in person, mail, or e-mail at right) to ensure your satisfaction.


The cost of each commission may change with the degree of detail
and number of subjects, but these prices remain the same:
Bust silhouette…..$30.00
Duplicate bust…..$5.00
Full body silhouette…..$50.00
Duplicate full-body…..$10.00

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