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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beautiful Balloon In My Bishop Hill Backyard

I was out weeding one Sunday evening; it was the tail end of a busy weekend here in Bishop Hill, IL. The Fiber Fest had attracted record crowds and the members of the Illinois Association of Wheat Weavers were packing up and heading home. I heard an odd noise above my head: “phissh, phissh, phissh” a pause and “phissh, phissh, phissh” again. I looked up to see the flame of this marvelous aerial conveyance cycling on and off as it clipped the tree tops and settled softly in the hayfield across the lane. I often refer to Bishop Hill as “enchanted” (especially for those who have never visited) and nothing illustrates that description more than this vision of a hot air balloon bobbing up and down around the village giving residents and their guests rides – and a unique perspective on this quaint utopian village.

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