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Friday, January 29, 2021

Medieval Quilling
The art of paper quilling can trace its origins to 15th century Europe where it was used by French and Italian clergy to decorate religious objects, adding opulence with scant expense. Spun paper was an economical substitute for carved ivory and precious metals. When gilded, it was hard to distinguish from gold. Many exquisite examples of medieval quilling still exist.
January Snowflakes - light and white
Over the centuries this art form has been revived again and again and today it is being rediscovered and embraced worldwide. Only a few tools and materials are needed to create it. The real joy of quilling comes from stretching one’s imagination to combine simple elements into objects of extraordinary ephemeral beauty. I can think of no better match for technique and subject than quilling snowflakes. It is said that no two frozen flakes have ever fallen; my flakes are also one-of-a-kind. Though paper can be conserved, it does not last forever. These flakes are formed as spontaneously as the ice crystals they imitate. These are meant to be enjoyed here and now and spread joy as you hold them in your hands.
February Valentine Snowflakes
As covid struck the Midwest, my granddaughters became homeschooled. I instantly applied for the position of art teacher and the projects began! Quilling is something we all enjoy. January’s white and ivory flakes have made way for February’s snowflakes incorporating pastel colors and hidden hearts.

Micro quilling on Eggs!
We have fun making these flakes and hope they inspire you to make a few of your own one snowy afternoon. Up next: Micro quilling on Easter Eggs!

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